Committe Goals

Jordan Cigre Technical Committee (JCTC), is responsible for technical supervision of the overall “JCNC” activities such as the organization of JCNC seminars, workshops, tutorials, courses and conferences. It is composed of 13 members from different local electrical companies and universities. The main goal of JCTC is to put a certain plan to enhance the cooperation and exchange of experience between Arab countries and to encourage technical research and studies in the power electric industry as follows:
– Analyze of the current situation of electricity sector in Jordan.
– Review and analyze the works carried out by the papers presented at CIGRE conferences.
– Study, review and evaluate papers submitted to Cigre seminars and Conferences.
– Study , review and evaluate papers submitted to local seminars, workshops conferences and any presented by JCNC.
– Defining the preferential subjects of JCNC seminars and conferences.
– Formulate working groups to follow up and deal with specialized issues.
– Exchange of information between technical individuals in local electric companies and educational individuals from different local universities to improve and develop ideas inelectricity sector.
– Shutdowns and power problems which occur on the Jordanian network is put on the priority of the free discussions on JCTC table, that is, in addition to all other issues related to the electrical interconnection with neighboring countries.

Membership in B5 Committee
Eng. Abdulfattah Al-Haj who works for National Electric Power Company was nominated on 2nd June 2004 as the only Jordanian representative member in the study committee B5 of the main technical groups of Cigre Paris. B5 committee is concerned of the following issues:
1) Power Systems Protection.
2) Control Systems and Automation Substation.
3) Wireless Control System and its equipment.
4) Metering Systems and their equipment.