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About Jordan CIGRE Women in Energy

Based on empowering women and encouraging them working in the energy sector to outstand in performance and production, Jordan Cigre Women in Energy Network (JCWiE) has been launched for the first time in Jordan in June, 2023 as a forum for women working
in energy to interact, develop their careers, increase their self-confidence, improve their professional skills, and accomplish their dreams.
As JCWiE plays an important role in Cigre National Association (JCNC) worldwide,where the vision came to enhance women participation in collaborative knowledge program and publications, and to contribute to many of the key technical cornerstones of the modern power system, as well as get benefits of benchmarking practices with other member countries worldwide.
JCWiE covers all the main topics in the field of electricity. It unites all key partners by facilitating and developing the exchange of technical information between electrical engineers, research workers, universities, producers, manufacturers, system operators, and
regulatory bodies.

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JCWiE Vision

A forum for the Women’s Network in cigre Jordan to establish a leading committee that empowers women, enhances their motivation, promotes their leadership participation, and fosters collaboration between academia and industry through research endeavors.

JCWiE Mission

To enhance the technical skills of women working in the energy sector within industry and academia, thereby accelerating their career and leadership development, as well as to find beneficial strategies to combine academic experience and field experience to advance the energy sector in Jordan.

Why JCWiE?

JCWiE is a Jordanian, non-profit committee of more than 22 professionals from Jordan and Palestine engaged in power system engineering for generation, transmission and distribution.
JCWiE provides several benefits for members. This includes the possibility of participation in study Associations or working groups, or attending and/or organizing participation conferences.
JCWiE aims to publish technical materials such Electra periodical and reports study Associations and working groups as well as conference proceedings are made available to members of JCWiE.

Contact Us

Eng. Eid Al-Assaf — General Secretary of Jordan CIGRE National Committee
P.O. Box 2310 AMMAN 11181 JORDAN
Tel: 00962 6 5858615
Ext. 6570 or 6750
Fax: 00962 6 5818336

Eng. Suad Al-Mattar — Chair of JCWiE Network
P.O. Box 2310 Amman 11181 Jordan
Tel: 00962 6 5858615 Ext. 6425
Fax: 009625818336

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